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About Me

About Me

My name is Monica Fernandez and I am 45 years old.

I have dedicated my entire work and personal life to cooking, since my mother and grandmother gave to me the passion for cooking in a traditional way, with seasonal products and above all with a lot of love.

I have worked in several hotels and restaurants, but I understood what cooking means when I had my own family.


The commitment and demand with which I choose each product in the market, and the love with which I make it later, taking into account that there is as little waste as possible, is the product of cooking at home for my family. That's where I really understood how important food is.

I decided to improve everything I knew, product of my work and personal experience, to the next level, and I signed up for university to study Haute Cuisine.

There, in addition to learning multiple techniques applicable to different elaborations, from the hand of the best teachers and renowned chefs, I understood what the turning point with which excellence is is obtained. And I can say that the key is training. Never stop being curious and questioning things, and always be humble to let yourself be taught.

With everything I have written & the passion for my profession, I try that every banquet I do makes my guests happy.

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