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Home cooking classes

If you are passionate about cooking but have never had time to learn to cook, I will make it easy for you! I go to your home and show you what you need. Any level. We can do single classes, or an intensive master class of several days in a row, where you can learn according to your requirement

  • Cooking forms/times.

  • Culinary techniques applied to different types of products / elaborations.

  • Cook with discretion and responsibility avoiding the maximum possible loss.

  • Advice on purchases applied to market cuisine. Seasonal product.

  • Circular cuisine

  • Recipe book of basic elaborations and traditional cuisine.

  • Introduction to pastry.

  • Advanced pastry .

  • Introduction to the world of bread.



You do not have time to cook but you like to eat beautiful food? We organize together a menu for the whole week, and I leave it ready so that you only have to warm up and enjoy.



As a chef of haute cuisine, I love to make my diners not only eat during a banquet but enjoy a round experience.

Together we arranged a personalized menu and I take care of going where you prefer and cooking it for you.

There is also the possibility of making the experience even more exceptional, adding wine pairing to your dishes.

I have the collaboration of some Mallorcan wineries that are suppliers of the best "caldos" on the island.

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